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About Us

MD Metal Recycling (MDMR) is focused at processing, trading and exporting Ferrous and Non Ferrous metal scrap. We handle all metal scrap trading and exporting activities from our office based in London, UK and handle processing of metal scrap at our yard based in Gujranwala, Pakistan. MDMR is focused on providing metal procurement and recycling solutions to recover metal from the metal scrap, all in compliance to environmental protect agency’s regulations and guidelines and produce quality raw materials for industries in Pakistan and export purposes. We mainly procure recyclable metal scrap from the USA, EU, Middle Eastern markets. We rely on our in house experience and use of industry best practice recycling protocols to process and recycle metal scrap

MD Metal cares

At MDMR we process and recycle metal in compliance to local environmental protecion agencies. 

MD Metal recyles

At MDMR we recycle Aluminium, Copper and Other Scraps. Read More.

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  • We are never late on our payments
  • We pay better rates
  • We work on longer term basis
  • We focus on trust and from strong relationship building

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